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If you are interesting in becoming a VENDOR, please fill out the form attached to website, Click on the button that says FIND OUT MORE. Fill out the form, once I receive it, you will be contacted. 

Thank you, Wynnie

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Hello World, I will be back soon. Hang in there and remember, Live life with much happiness. See you soon. Wynnie

About WynniesAngelz


Medical Medium, Intuitive Psychic, Pet Psychic, Remote Viewer, Psychic Investigator, Owner of TPCF Metaphysical Fair & Market

Hello World, As a young child I could see Spirits that no one could explain. When others felt sad or felt deep fear, as a child they came to me for comfort. Too this day I am still comforting those whose need it. Offering guidance and metaphysics understanding to the things they can't explain in their own life. I have been helping many people for years by guiding them to their own wisdom of their own spiritual healing.

Namaste Wynnie


TPCF Is a Metaphysical Fair & Market, we are brand new to the community of Tacoma, WA. I bring together the most talented and spiritual advisers to assist our clients' needs. We are individuals of small business owners coming together once a month. Our goal is to serve the community in the most respectful way. We believe in a Higher Power that guides us, we just use it differently. We work with compassion and faith, with true divine understanding.


We all work with some divine intervention, mine come in many forms from Archangels, Spirit, Higher-self, Creator, Ascended Masters, and Fukuru, my dragon. Yes, I said dragon. He helps me when I am Astro-Traveling in my sleep. I see things I can't describe. My dragon guides me so I am safe. We all have had dreams of traveling, do you ever wake up more tired then when you went to bed? Well I have an answer for that. "You Astro-Traveled and you didn't come back 100% so you were more tired than normal". I help people to get the answers they seek and find clarity in their life.

I am compassionate about what I do, I feel my service as a light worker in this metaphysical community is my connection to Creator, Life, Mother Earth of all that is. 

Namaste Wynnie

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours the TPCF last event October 19th 2019 at the South Tacoma Masonic Center 5405 South Puget Sound Ave, Tacoma WA. 98409.   Wynnie does phone readings or email readings Monday thru Friday. I only do in-person readings at the Saturday fairs I attend, below is where I will be and contact information.  Follow me on Facebook,wynniesangelz  to get current updates, times and locations I will be at. Thank you, Wynnie

WynniesAngelz * Location on next event

312 Spring Street, Puyallup, WA, USA

(253) 370-6326

Hours: Availability can vary, please contact me for an appointment.

Saturday Sept 14th Wynnie will be in Puyallup WA at the historical building Meeker Mansion.

312 Spring St, Puyallup WA Hours 10am-4pm *indoors*

$5.00 Admission Fee & Free Parking.  Come join us and meet some amazing Talented Intuitive Readers in Puyallup WA

 See you there!

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